Tomy AnyWhere General Access Instructions - Large Documents

Be sure to use the applications in TOMY AnyWhere when accessing large files. The servers that make TOMY AnyWhere work have much greater computing resources for loading, changing, and saving large files.

1.     Enter Click “US AnyWhere Applications 2.0”.

2.     When entering your username, the system requires you type RC2\ in front of your username. See below for an example. Enter username as specified, along with your password, and then click “Sign in”.

3.     You will then see a list of resources available. Resources may vary depending on your access. Select the resource you would like to access.

4.     Click “Connect” when prompted.




5.     If you are using a browser other than internet explorer, you will need to select to run the rdp session launcher similar to the one shown below. You may also be prompted to log in a second time for each application you choose from list. If prompted, enter your network credentials, including RC2\ in front of your username.












Completed and verified all the instructions, but still cannot use TOMY AnyWhere?

Email for assistance.