Mitel Softphone and Use


1.)    Ensure that the headset is already connected in the appropriate port on the computer.
(Refer to Work from Home Assembly document.)


2.)    If not already connected to VPN, launch and login to Cisco AnyConnect.
(Refer to Login from Home document.)


3.)    Login to Mitel at the bottom of the Skype for Business window.


4.)    Press Continue (possibly twice) if the Certificate warning displays.

5.)    Press arrow to the right of Mitel to display the Mitel Connect options.



6.)    Select Soft Phone from the list


7.)    Verify that Default is selected from the dropdown list.


8.)    You are now configured to use your computer for deskphone services.

















Using the Mitel Add-On

Making a Call


Place Call from Mitel Add-on

Search for the individual within the search box. All available phone numbers will be listed under each individual. To place a call, click on the number desired, or the green phone icon adjacent to the number desired. Individuals can be added to your favorites list for quick access. Click the star icon next to the individualís name to add them to Mitel Favorites.

NOTE: If calling within the company, select the individualís extension rather than their full business number.

search in mitel

Dialing from Mitel Add-On

You can dial directly from within the Mitel Add-On by selecting the dial pad icon. Entering a phone number and pressing enter will initiate the outgoing call on your desk phone. To dial long distance outside the company, be sure to include a9 +1 at the beginning of the number.
dial directly

In a Call

When in a call, the Mitel Add-On will show options for handling your current call. These include placing a call on hold, muting a call, adding a caller (conference call), transferring a call, and hanging up. All of these options will initiate functions you are already familiar with performing your desk phone.

in a call 2

Transfer a call

When in an active call, you have the option to transfer a call to another individual.To transfer a call select the transfer icon, and enter the name or number of the desired individual. You also have the option to immediately transfer the call, or prompt to individual to accept the transferred call.
transfer options

Conference call

When in an active call, you can add additional attendees by selecting the add icon. A search box will appear that allows you to search for the desired individual, or enter the number desired. Selecting the individual will initiate a call to that individual, which will add them to your ongoing call. When in a conference call, all attendees will be listed in the Mitel Add-On.

NOTE: If one of the attendees hangs up from the conference call, the other attendees will stay within the call, regardless of who initiated the conference call.

conference call

Viewing Call History


Select the call history icon in the Mitel Add-On to view recent calls. Selecting a call will redial the recipient on your desk phone.

call history


Listening to Voicemail


To listen to voicemail directly from the Mitel Add-On, select the voicemail icon. A list of all current voicemails will show up for viewing and listening. Saved and deleted voicemails can also be viewed from this list.




Adding Favorites


Favorites allow for quick access to frequent contacts. To add contacts to your favorites list, search for the individual within the Mitel Add-on, and select the start icon next to the desired individual. See Making a Call. Favorites can viewed by selecting the favorites icon in the Mitel Add-On.

NOTE: Mitel favorites are separate from Skype for Business favorites and can only be accessed from the favorites menu within the Mitel Add-On.